Petro Energy Group

Oil and Gas Operations Support



State & Federal Filings: TX, LA, AL, OK, ND, etc.

P5 Annual Renewal, W3C, and W3X Requirements

Injection Well Permits 

Saltwater Disposal Permit


P4 Filings

Production Reporting: W-10, G-10, and H-10

Environmental Requirements

Pipeline Filings

Digital FTPS

Land and lease support

Acquisition & Divestitures, Royalty and Tax Requirements

Courthouse & Agency Research, Leasing, Purchaser Liasion

Marketing of Mineral and Lease Ownership 

Right of Way, Letter of Intent, Closings

Title Research

Comptroller Filing

GLO Filing

environmental and safety

Federal: Subpart 0; EPA; SPCC; SEMS

Oil Spill and Facility Response Plans

small business Hospitality 

We are a small business based out of North Houston. We use this to our advantage to provide our customers with a much more personable and prioritized experience than what our competitors are able to offer.

Petro Energy Group

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